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      Date: Aug  5, 2011
     Title: Renishaw QC20-W Wireless Ballbar

Join our circle and experience the benefits of the new Renishaw QC20-W wireless ballbar.                                   

If you are involved in component machining, you know that machining errors can result in numerous quality problems and reworked or scrapped components. The following describes a Renishaw QC20-W Wireless Ballbar test and its benefits, which can be provided by Knox Machinery Service:

1. Set up. The new QC20-W wireless ballbar is safer than ever since there are no more cables.

2. Capture. The machine performs two consecutive circular arcs (clockwise and counterclockwise) in any one of the machine's test planes (XY, YZ, ZX) and very accurately measures any variations in the test circle radius traced by the machine during the test.

3. Analyze. Renishaw’s Ballbar 20 software analyzes the measured data to give results in accordance with various international standards (eg. ISO 230-4, ASME B5.54).

4. Diagnose. Renishaw’s own and uniquely comprehensive diagnostic report also gives you an overall assessment of machine performance (circularity) but, in addition, provides an automatic diagnosis of up to 15 specific machine positioning errors. Each error is ranked according to its significance to overall machine performance alongside the error value.

Advanced diagnosis

The QC20-W and Ballbar 20 software allows you, for the first time, to carry out testing in three orthogonal planes with only a single set-up. This gives much quicker testing and allows for a true “volumetric” analysis of your machine.

Checking trends

Regular, repeatable testing is the key to effectively tracking changes in machine error sources over time. Ballbar 20 uses customer defined test templates to ensure repeatable testing. A comprehensive machine history function (c) then gives you a quick and simple way to examine the data. You are able see if problems are developing and so schedule preventative maintenance (PM) if necessary in a targeted and timely way. Fixing problems before they become critical minimizes downtime and maintenance costs.

A ballbar test is included in every Knox Machinery preventative maintenance package. Call us today for more information on ballbar testing for your LATHE or MACHINING CENTER and our many service products. With our 360 degree approach to service, we can protect your investment with the coverage you need.

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